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Air Duct


Duct Cleaning Services (Aust) Pty. Ltd. can offer you complete management solutions for your duct cleaning needs. Let our program maintenance agreements keep your HVAC ducts and kitchen exhaust systems in good working condition.


Set & Forget

Professional, Friendly Service

Our commitment to providing our customers with excellent service is second to none. We offer multiple services and can package our programmed maintenance solutions to meet your unique requirements.

We Contact You

You won't have to remember or schedule these service tasks. Our job management system allows us to coordinate your program maintenance work and proactively contact you.

Priority Service

Our program maintenance clients receive priority service. Our job management system ensures appointment days and times are booked in advance. And call-out services are managed by our response team.

Cost Savings

By utilising our maintenance solutions, we can plan your future service requirements. This allows us to give discounted service. The program maintenance service cost is less expensive per service than a one-time service.

Proactive Solution

The program maintenance service ensures your air conditioning operates at optimal levels. Being proactive makes sure your facility's needs don't slip by unnoticed. Being proactive also offers mitigation to air quality issues.

Certified Clean

Kitchen exhaust cleaning is critical to meet insurance requirements (ask your insurance company for details). Kitchen exhaust duct cleaning is an essential requirement of your building insurance policy.


Dealing with a single professional service provider streamlines your maintenance. The total experience becomes more effortless. You don't need to coordinate three or four different service providers. All Duct Cleaning Services (Aust) Pty. Ltd. is your one-stop for all air conditioning service needs.

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