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Duct Cleaning

All Duct Cleaning Services (Aust) Pty. Ltd.'s trained technicians will carefully clean your air-conditioning and air-duct system. Duct cleaning is a specialised service that uses specifically designed equipment for safe, fast and efficient removal of contaminants. Knowledge of air ducting systems and Australian standards is essential for a thorough duct cleaning solution.

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Reasons for Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning removes contaminants using source removal methods (we do not use chemical sealants). This improves indoor air quality, airflow, odours, operation costs and occupant's health. After the system is cleaned, there will be a noticeable reduction in dust, and diffusers will be visibly cleaner. Many different parts of air conditioning systems periodically require cleaning.

Our AC Duct Cleaning Services

Air Handling Units  

We remove debris, dust, lint, carbon and other contaminants from the air handling unit (AHU). The AHU can also include the outdoor coil, outside air intake, fan and dampers.

Return Air System  

The return air system clean includes the removal of contaminants from:

  • Internal surfaces of rigid and flexible duct.

  • Any internal flow control devices, i.e., dampers or vanes.

  • Registers.

  • Some systems utilise the ceiling space as a return path, known as a return plenum. In this case, our technicians will treat the ceiling space as a return duct.

  • Supply air system


The supply system clean consists of contaminant removal from:

  • Internal surfaces of rigid and flexible duct

  • Any internal flow control devices, i.e., dampers and vanes

  • Diffusers

  • Heating & cooling coils

Video and Digital Camera Inspections  

Not all areas of your ductwork are easily accessible. Our inspection service gives you a visual and written report of your system status. Therefore allowing you to make informed operational decisions.


Sanitisation is highly effective in reducing the harmful effects associated with microbial contamination. This separate service can be included after a duct clean.

Coil Cleaning

Our trained technicians will carefully clean and sanitise your air-conditioning heating/cooling coil. Coil cleaning has become a specialised area of care within air conditioning systems. The coil is in the airflow path on all air conditioning systems. Therefore, it directly affects the rate of airflow and the efficiency of heat transfer and indoor air quality.


The coils are cleaned of dust to reduce contaminant build-up and blockages. This increases temperature transfer and reduces airflow resistance. A cleaner coil offers improved system efficiencies and reduced operational costs. 

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Reasons for Coil Cleaning

Air conditioning cooling coils provide moisture, cool temperature and food for biofilm growth. Biofilm build-up affects the cooling coil in the following ways:

Blockages in the Coil

Blockages in the coil decrease the amount of air passing through the system. This, in turn, will affect the air conditioning system's ability to cool the air. The system tries to compensate for the reduction of cooling efficiency by running the compressor for longer durations. Effective maintenance on the cooling coil saves you money by reducing energy consumption.

Corrosion of the Coil

Biofilms will attach themselves to the fins on the cooling coil. In doing so, they etch into the surface to provide a secure holding. This etching eats away at the cooling coil and will inhibit the cooling coils' ability to perform efficient heat transfer over time. The solution for coil corrosion is to remove biofilm through maintenance. The alternative is to replace the cooling coil, which is more expensive than coil maintenance.

Reduced Heat Transfer

The presence of biofilm on the coil surface acts as insulation between the air and the cooling coil. This means the air flowing through the ring is not reduced in temperature adequately to cool the building efficiently. Due to the inadequate cooling of the air, the building will not reach the required temperature. Therefore, the compressors will run continuously in order to compensate for the poor temperature transfer. In a system where the air is cooling the building efficiently, the compressors will cycle in and out of service as required. Poor heat transfer results in poor energy usage. A coil that is maintained and cleaned offers energy savings and reduced costs.

Poor Indoor Air

Bacteria, mould and fungi that colonise on the cooling coil create endotoxins, mycotoxins and a range of toxic allergenic organic fragments. These fragments are collectively known as Macromolecular Organic Dust (MOD). MOD compromises air quality within the building, leading to a range of chronic health problems. Some adverse health effects of MOD are headaches, eye irritations, blocked sinuses, nausea, respiratory complaints, allergies, fatigue and skin irritations. Coil cleaning offers better health for your staff and lower rates of absenteeism. A healthier team provides more productivity and mitigation for OH&S requirements.

As you can see, the benefits of coil cleaning significantly reduce operating costs. It is a win-win situation with advantages for both staff and building owners.


Other Systems

Many various systems are included as part of our duct cleaning service. These include:

  • Outside discharge hood

  • Internal surfaces of rigid ducts

  • Dampers

  • Fan blades and motors

  • Registers

  • Grills

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