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All Duct Cleaning Services (Aust) Pty. Ltd.'s trained technicians will carefully clean your kitchen exhaust system to remove grease and oil build-up. We scrape and chemically clean kitchen exhaust systems, including all hoods, connecting ductwork and fans.



Committing to a good preventative maintenance program is essential to minimise duct contamination. Our personalised scheduling provides best-practice maintenance that prevents problems before they happen. This no-fuss management system is a great way to reduce future headaches and save money.

Exhaust Filter Cleaning

Clean filtration is essential for optimal extraction performance. Filters are inspected, cleaned or replaced during our service. All Duct Cleaning Services (Aust) Pty. Ltd. also offers filter sales (honeycomb and baffles) and an exchange program to minimise downtime.


To maintain coverage, most insurance companies require you to undertake regular maintenance and service of all commercial exhaust systems. All Duct Cleaning Services (Aust) Pty. Ltd. provides a thorough service that will exceed the expectations of health inspectors and insurance requirements. A benefit of our service is full and complete documentation and certification of our work and products. This ensures you can demonstrate due diligence to the government and insurance companies when required.

Pre-Purchase/Pre-Lease Inspection & Cleaning

When purchasing or leasing any food processing or retail business, carefully consider the condition, serviceability and compliance of the equipment included. In the same way, a pre-purchase/pre-lease building inspection will reveal hidden problems; a pre-purchase inspection of extraction equipment and ductwork can uncover hidden risks and potential costs. Don't get stuck with someone else's problems. Our pre-purchase inspection will reveal and document the equipment vital to the safe operation of any food processing or retail business (conditions apply).

Vacate & End of Lease Inspection & Cleaning

When vacating a commercial property, it's essential to ensure that the ventilation and exhaust systems are in good working condition. We offer comprehensive end of lease inspections to ensure that there are no surprises left behind when you vacate. Our team can inspect and clean the ventilation and exhaust systems to ensure they're up to code and functioning properly. This will help you avoid any potential problems or costs when you move out of your current premises. 

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