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Duct cleaning information in Sydney

Why is kitchen exhaust cleaning so important?

The exhaust gases created by cooking processes leave a greasy residue on the inside of ductwork. The heat removed by the exhaust system heats this residue, which causes a fire hazard. The three elements required 
for a fire are air, fuel and heat.
Indoor air quality

All of us face a variety of health risks as we go about our day-to-day lives. Driving in cars, flying in planes, engaging in recreational activities and exposure to environmental pollutants, all pose varying degrees of risk. We accept risks because to do otherwise would restrict our ability to lead our lives normally. These risks, we might decide to avoid if we had the opportunity to make informed choices. Indoor air pollution is a risk that you can do something about.
Moulds in indoor air

Concern about indoor exposure to mould has increased as the public has become aware that exposure to mould can cause a variety of negative health effects and symptoms, including allergic reactions. Moulds are found almost anywhere. As long as moisture and oxygen are present, they grow on virtually any organic substance. There are moulds that can grow on wood, paper, carpet, food and insulation.


Liability in Australia
Click the button below to view a list of past court cases in the U.S. involving damages due to mould. As the sampling of cases demonstrates, mould related lawsuits target many different types of defendants, including contractors, subcontractors, construction managers, property managers, architects, construction component suppliers, building owners and insurers. Damages may include the cost of mould remediation, loss of property and health-related claims.
air conditioning overview

Air conditioning overview

Air conditioning - what is it?
A building's air conditioning can be described as the ‘lungs’ of a building. The air conditioning system draws in outside air and filters, heats or cools, humidifies, circulates and then expels a portion of it to 
the outside environment.

Frequently asked questions

How often should I have my ducts cleaned?
There is no set time frame for duct cleaning. Various factors determine the accumulation of contaminants within your system. These include:
  • Usage – how long/how often your system runs.
  • System maintenance – filter condition, duct leakages, door/window leakages.  
  • Dust sources – floor covering type, number of people, air movement.
  • System design – adequate ventilation for photocopiers, cutting machines, smoking, fresh air intake location, etc.

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