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Duct & exhaust cleaning FAQ for Sydney

How often should I have my ducts cleaned?

There is no set time frame for duct cleaning. Various factors determine the accumulation of contaminants within your system. These include:
  • Hours of usage.
  • System maintenance - filter condition, duct leakages and door/window leakages.
  • Dust sources - Floor covering type, number of people and air movement.
  • System design - adequate ventilation for photocopiers, cutting machines, smoking, fresh air intake location, etc.
The table below gives some general rules of thumb to go by.
Commercial / Industrial
Supply ducts
On inspection
Return ducts
1 yr
1 yr
Ventilation systems
2 yrs
1 yr
1 yr

How often should kitchen exhausts be cleaned?

There are many factors to determine the frequency of kitchen exhaust duct cleaning. An inspection of the exhaust hood, filters and behind the filters will give you an indication. Other factors that increase the need for frequent cleaning are:
  • Certain types of cooking processes, e.g., steaming or deep frying.
  • Usage per day.
  • Type of oil being used.
  • Grease filter maintenance.
  • Amount of air flow.
  • Ambient temperature.
The table below gives some general rules of thumb to go by.
Hours Per Day
Cleaning Frequency
Heavy Use
3 Monthly
Moderate Use
6 Monthly
Light Use

How often should evaporator coils 
be cleaned?

Due to the environment that is created on and around the evaporator coil, it is necessary to clean and sanitise at least every 12 months. This ensures there is no contaminant build-up causing airflow restrictions, and that there is no bacteria, fungi or mould growth.

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